About Spiralis Ventures


Dr. Gail Frawley Granowitz

Spiralis Ventures is a for-profit art-based business with a strong social justice component focusing on developing world countries. This company represents the life-long dream of Dr. Gail Granowitz - a physician, long-standing YMCA volunteer, and passionate Haitian art collector. Spiralis Ventures is founded on the principle of “Spiralism” as defined in  the upcoming film In the Eye of the Spiral and which informs the business model

Spiralism is the belief that out of chaos rises opportunity; and that events, people, and ideas are meant to be connected in a productive, meaningful, and directed way.

Thus, in turn:

Spiralis Ventures is founded on the deeply-held certainty that although there is misery and suffering in the world, there is also joy and hope and beauty; that the opposite of war, poverty, and desperation is not peace and contentment but, instead, creation, productivity, and power.

The Spiralis Ventures business model involves travelling to developing world countries to discover the newest contemporary and outsider artists and acquiring their works for transportation to the developed world markets for sale through Art Fairs, private collectors, pop-up shows, an internet Gallery, and other venues. The artists who will be represented by Spiralis will partner with the local in-country YMCA to participate in an art-based youth mentoring programs. In return they will be able to purchase art supplies at a reduced rate from the YMCA “store” which will be funded by Spiralis. In addition Spiralis’s eventual goal is to  partner with a local healthcare provider to improve the health of the artistic community.

When the triumvirate of disaster, poverty, and war are present, the life of a population is reduced to basics – shelter, food and emergent medical needs.  All  higher order requirements – recreation, socializing, and artistic expression – take a backseat.  We believe, however, that these needs are critical to the long-term health and healing of the at-risk population. The production of art is a vital and cultural-affirming endeavor; artistic expression is crucial to the survival of societies – there has never been a culture or society that has not produced art of some kind – and yet the resources, opportunities and support needed for pursuing, producing, and sharing art are commonly not a focus within weakened vulnerable populations.

Spiralis will begin in Haiti and after establishing a successful model there will expand to other developing world countries. Eventually  it is the hope of Spiralis Ventures to extend the business model to include a music division and perhaps another fine arts division such as dance or  the performing arts.